Polymer Nanocomposite / AD-PNC


“Composite Materials are a new emerging class of materials to over come the limitation of monolithic conventional materials"

Polymer Nanocomposite / AD-PNC are reinforced with Graphene/CNT in balanced formulation to enhance the performance of polymer for industrial and research purposes.

We supply best quality of polymer nanocomposite  at very competitive price  to full fill the unmet demands of our various clients from companies and institutes.



  • Increase in electrical break down strength of polymer
  • More Melting Temperature, Colour and magnetization and charge capacity is more.
  • Increase in Interacting zone such that we can get our Expected property.
  • Increase ductility with no decrease of strength.
  • High surface to volume ration.

Polymer Nanocomposite Master Batch Products

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