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    Currently we are not Hiring at this time and have no open position.

    How ever we still except the resumes and one page innovative idea  and they will kept on file for a year,


    If you are interested , you can send your resume and letter of introduction to


    We're always looking for motivated,  forward thinking people,  highly skilled team members who thrive in a technically rigorous, working hard, fast-paced, product-oriented environment and being a contributing member of a team.


    We want people who take pride in their work and want to build on their knowledge, experience, and skills to contribute to an outstanding nano technology industry.


    We encourage our team members to achieve work-life balance. we are committed to enhancing your work experience to help you grow and excel in your career.


    The success depends on our their ability to create, innovate, and respond to challenges that others cannot. We want employees who see opportunities, not roadblock

    With rapid growth expected in the nano science and technology industry in the coming years, we alway looking for employees who is dedicated and skilled enough to Contribute in the growth of nanotechnology company.


Ad-Nano Technologies Private Limited

# 31L, 2nd Cross, KIADB  Machenahalli Industrial Area

Shimoga-577222, Karnataka, India

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# 31L, 2nd Cross | KIADB Machenahalli Industrial Area | Shimoga-577222 | Karnataka, India

    Tel: +91(0) 8182246029             Fax: +91(0) 8182246075                  E-mail:


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