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Whatever  your business needs or aspirations relating to nanotechnology, we will cater by providing one step solution.

Technology Transfer

We work as a bridge to industries for the Technologies transfers related to nano technology.

We help our industrial customer in finding accurate technology solutions to solve problems and to enhance product performance and applications. We review customer’s requirements and use our networks and contacts to identify new technologies that meet these needs.

Our understanding of your industry, combined with in-depth knowledge from our expertise, allows us to more efficiently boost your business with solutions that fulfill your needs.


Technology Marketing

We can market your technologies or products related to nanotechnology field. We will work as a platform to promote your products or technologies in the field of nanotechnology. With a bunch of experience in the field of nanotechnology, we can help you to incline next level by finding those businesses which are willing to purchasing your products or your technology.

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Focus Area's



 Paints and Coating

Oil and Refineries




Our most reliable segment of consultancy services would be happy to discuss your requirements on

Technology Management:

We will offer a fruitful business platform with an aim to “Add Nanotechnology in Life”

We analysis customer products and manufacturing processes and provide solution from nanotechnology with scientific rigor to fulfill their unmet needs.


Our main objective is to give the customer an effective solution by implanting nanotechnology in their industries that enhance business and product credibility.


Many industries will improve their products with more cost effective and solve the problem in their manufacturing line by adapting nanotechnology.


Our team is specialized in the field of nanotechnology. They have tremendous year of experience in application development with accessing nanotechnology in many industrial fields.

Solution from Nanotechnology:

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