Applications of Carbon Nanomaterials


  • Market Overview

    As Carbon nanomaterial’s provide a variety of unique performance attributes to a long list of markets and applications. The table below will help you determine which specific CNM’s attributes will be crucial to enable breakthrough performance improvements in your application,

    Application of graphene and carbon nanotubes, Graphene and carbon nanotubes uses and real time applications
  • High Performance Composites



    A new generation of structural composites is beginning to revolutionize a variety of applications ranging from airplane panels to baseball bats to tennis

    rackets to wind turbine components. The unique tubular structure and high

    impact strength of carbon nanotubes enable this new generation of composites by reinforcing the traditional fiber fillers.


  • Aerospace


    The unique tubular structure and high impact strength of carbon nanotubes enable this new generation of composites by reinforcing the traditional fiber fillers. especially suited to aerospace applications that include aircraft braking systems, thermal management, electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency interference (RFI), electrostatic discharge (ESD), lightning strike



       Improve Impact strength

       Lightweight

       More energy efficient





  • Automotive


    The automotive market seems poised for technology improvements driven by consumer demands for a new generation of energy efficiency.  Carbon nanotubes will enable this technology evolution through their unique properties including high electrical conductivity, lightweight structure and high impact strength.


    Carbon Nanotube Benefits:


     Smooth surface finishes

     Improved painting yields

     Environmental friendly

     Cost effective

     Better durability and reliability

     Lower weight

     Improved fuel efficiency

     Meets SAE guidelines for polymer fuel system



  • Tyers



    With the very Small addition of graphene to large quantity of rubber improves more

    mechanical properties compare to other available materials like clay, carbon black etc.

    Grapene Benefits

     High Aberration

     Reduce Weight

     Reduce Rolling Resistance

     High Durability and mechanical Strength

     High Barrier Coating

     Excellent Electrical Properties

  • Energy


    Today is an exciting time in the energy markets as many people are looking for new technologies to produce clean, efficient energy sources.  The unique properties of carbon nanotubes demonstrate great promise in enabling the next generation of energy sources today in applications ranging from batteries and fuel cells to wind turbines and solar cells

    Battery, Super-Capacitor and Fuel Cell Electrodes

    Energy storage is a crucial area of research and development in the new energy markets.  Whether your development target is a battery, a super-capacitor or a fuel cell, carbon nanotubes will enable a new level of electrode conductivity.


     Improve power and energy density

     Extend battery cycle life time

     Enhance safety


    Solar Cell Coatings

    The latest focus is to improve efficiency and reduce the cost in thin film solar cells. The unique combination of the carbon nanotube properties may allow for a significant efficiency improvement with a simpler construction in future generations of solar cells.


    Carbon Nanotube Benefits:

     Simplified manufacturing process

     Cost effective

     Improved light absorption


  • Electronics


    The electronics market is always looking toward new technology to improve their processing speeds, reduce their circuit size and improve their manufacturing yields. Graphene's high electrical conductivity and high optical transparency make it a candidate for transparent conducting electrodes, required for such applications as Touchscreens, liquid crystal displays, organic photovoltaic cells, and organic light-emitting diodes. Carbon nanotubes enable electronics designers to simultaneously pursue all of these benefits due sto their high electrical and thermal conductivity, their high aspect ratio and their nanoscale size. So it is applicable in Wafer and Hard Disk Component Handling, Transparent Conductive Coatings and Printable Electronics




    • High yield

    • Consistent ESD protection

    • Longer carrier lifetime due to filled polymer durability

    • High cleanliness and ultra-low particulation

    • Flexible and durable printing

    • Easy scalability

    • Simplified manufacturing eliminates masking steps

    • Allows for high speed manufacturing processes

    • Nanoscale size delivers next generation circuit features

    • Simplified coating process

    • Consistent performance over large areas

    • Flexible and durable coatings

    • Large-area

    • Transparent,

    • Highly conductive

    • Lesser power conversion efficiency (PCE) then Indium Tin Oxide

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